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Find your balance and learn to train more effectively

If you have been running for a while and feel the need for a change, this guide is for you. We have prepared a selection of essential information that will help you to be a more complete runner.

What's in this guide?

  • 180 pages of science based content with essential information that can help you train more effectively on your own.

  • Equipment information.

  • Mountain running specific training.

  • Fundamental principles of training.

  • Essential key workouts and workout examples.

  • Essential steps for an effective training plan.

  • Planning a training program based on goals.

  • Periodization of training during the season.

  • The essential roles of fluids.

  • Essential elements of nutrition and hydration.

  • Feeding and hydrating before and during running.

  • Specific strength training for runners with illustrations and training examples.

  • Tips and tricks that can make you a better runner.


This guide is recommended for beginners, intermediate and advanced runners who feel capped. Buy this guide if you want to progress effectively and get better results!




How do you buy it?

1. Send me an email to with the subject *GHID*

2. You will receive the invoice by mail within 24 hours.

3. Send me payment confirmation by email to


3. After processing the payment you will receive the guide in pdf format at the email address.


Elemente esențiale în pregătirea pentru alergare montană

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