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Who are the people I train?


Christian Pop

"I have known Alin for some time, he is a passionate runner and a good friend, as well as   as a coach. Until last year I ran for years without any plan. But at the end of the year 2021 I asked him to help me with a training plan in hopes of improving my motivation, times and running more efficiently I was able to stick to a plan over the winter and the results were better than I noticed an improvement in all aspects: efficiency, dynamics, tone, motivation.

Thank you!"

Best results: 

1st Place and Race Record Primavera Trail Race (16km / 950m+)

1st place and race record Transylvania 100 (21 km / 1070 m+)


Viorica Malai

"This year I had the opportunity to train with a coach, more precisely with Alin Cîrdei.

Among the benefits felt, apart from the progress in my running and staying away from injury, was a great peace of mind in knowing I was doing things right. And a word of encouragement said at the right time also had its purpose.

Alin is a warm, competent person who takes an interest in his students."

Best results: 

1st place and race record msg Marathon Apuseni- Ultramarathon (87km / 4430m+)

2nd place and National Ultramarathon Champion at Bucovina Ultra Rocks 4 Summits 88k (88km / 5230m+)


Bianca Samfiroiu

 "I have been a trail runner for several years and last year, when my participation in the Lavaredo Ultra Trail 80 km race came to fruition, I thought I needed the help of someone who really knows how in the ultramarathon. After reading several of Alin's articles, I felt he was the person I could trust to manage my training as beneficially as possible. I wasn't chasing a specific time or place in the rankings. My goal was to finish the race, to feel good and my fear was not to get injured before the competition due to the high volume of kilometers accumulated in the months before the competition.For 6 months Alin made my training plan and we discussed together which competitions I would could fit into the program. Before every race we talked about managing that race, which helped me fantastically. I think every runner has different expectations from a race but we all need confidence at the d line it's the start For me, Lavaredo was the main objective and at the start I knew that I would finish the race well! I knew I was well prepared, I had talked with Alin about the approach to the race, I had 80 km ahead of me to enjoy the Dolomites! I think I made the best decision when I chose Alin as my training coordinator! I recommend to all those who are at the beginning of the road, those who have an important goal or those who want an evolution  as runners to seek the help of a professional! I still haven't decided on a goal for next year, but Alin will definitely guide me this time too!"

Best results: 

19th place Cluj Transylvania 50k (50 km / 3180 m+)

Place 65 Ultra Dolomites (80 km / 4630 m+)


Bogdan Tala

"When I started working with Alin, I was recovering from an injury, and I wasn't in shape at all. Moreover, my morale was down.

His advice and personalized training plan helped me tremendously and started showing results from the first month.

Alin is a cool and dedicated man in everything he does.

If you're looking for a coach, I highly recommend him."

Best results: 

23rd place Cluj Ecotrail Ultramarathon (50km / 1470m+)

10th place Maramureș Marathon (42.5km / 2417m+)


Ionescu Teodor

"A good friend recommended Alin to me when I told him that I wanted to run organized and structured (I already had a few active half-marathons and two marathons, but I had entered a routine that no longer motivated me). I knew from him what the training should be like, but I was skeptical that I could be trained "from a distance". However, the experience of training with Alin proved not only that it is possible, but also that it was the best choice for me._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Every training is exactly what it needs to be, it challenges me and pushes me to surpass myself.

Already for 9 months together we have achieved everything we set out to do: PB for the marathon on asphalt from 4:13:31 as I had previously managed alone to 3:50:41 after only 3 months of training (now we are working for a 3:40 :00), discipline, constant motivation, balanced diet, 4 workouts per week that I always tick off with enthusiasm.
At Alin, I appreciate the feedback after each training, the advice, the personalized tours, the confidence and motivation he instills in me. When I run, I feel like he's next to me and monitoring me, and running even at 4:30 in the morning doesn't seem like an impossible feat. 

We are constantly building together and the results are visible from one training session to another."

Best results: 

Vienna City Marathon: 3:50:44(PB)

Amsterdam Marathon: 3:39:22(PB)


Marina River

"I think I started working together with Alin last year around the beginning of autumn (2021). At that time I had already been running for about 3 years, so I wasn't really a beginner runner. At least from what I heard, I knew what a program meant of running, although I never followed one. This is where he stepped in and helped me structure my training much better. First of all, we set a goal together, which in my case is the 40-50km distance goal. and I've been considering the contests I want to enter. This thing helps you focus and motivate yourself when you don't really feel like going out. Speaking of motivation, I think almost half of the outings I wouldn't have done if I didn't get alerts in Training Peaks. I know it sounds shallow, but it's true. Another aspect that helps me and makes running a lot more interesting is the variety of workouts. I wouldn't have stepped out of my comfort zone on my own by doing intervals in the slope or to do with a 3-hour endurance run on Wednesday afternoon. Having a varied program tailored to my level really made running a lot more fun, but also more effective. Speaking of customization, that's an aspect I like as well. The workouts are designed for me. Thanks to this, in addition to the fact that I have a better understanding of the level I am at now, it helps me to understand what I need to do to become better. Another important thing for me is what I do on the days I don't run. Alin kind of opened my eyes to another side of running, namely how important it is to train all the muscle groups of your body, not just your legs. It's something I haven't really thought about and certainly haven't done before. But thanks to Alin, on the days when I don't run, I also do such exercises for which you don't need anything else but a fitness mat. In addition to what I wrote above, I want to add that, not being the most competitive person, the fact that I follow a training program has helped me improve my results in trail-running races, but most importantly for me, it gets me constantly out of the comfort zone. If you love to run, but want to have a more defined goal and a more structured schedule, Alin can help you do that."

Best results: 

19th place Azuga Trail Race (31 km / 1920 m+)

32nd place Transylvania 50k (50km / 3180m+)


Ramona Ianas

"This year I wanted to run more disciplined and have better results. I wanted to choose some races to shoot and some to go for pleasure, training, socializing. So I decided to choose the Alin to support me in my ultra running madness for a few months. For me, working with Alin was very beneficial. He is an amazing and dedicated person and coach. He always communicated with me, asked me how I felt after training, I always had a running plan for the week ahead. I set the important races and he always tried to calibrate my training for what was coming up. I also enjoyed strength training, very useful for a runner. 
Although it was difficult for me in some training sessions, I knew that it would be beneficial for me in the races. 
I enjoyed every conversation before the races, the nutrition tips, the race strategy... They were very beneficial and motivating for me. 
I will always thank him for his support and many results will still be due to training with him. I'm glad that I finished the training period with PBs and I got a good time in the last race, somehow I wanted to show him that we can also succeed on short races, not only on Ultra._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
I thank him for always advising me and I didn't get injured at all, I accumulated quite a lot of volume and every race I was a better version of myself. 
I highly recommend it and have recommended it to those who want to run more efficiently and want better results, if they want to improve themselves."

Best results: 

4th place Lupatotissima 2022 Verona Open 24H: 175.6km

1st place and National Champion at 12h S24H Ultrarunning Race 2022: 104.5km


Catalina Poplicean

"I started   mountain running a few years ago out of love for the mountains and inspired by friends who shared my passion, but I was training chaotically to nothing.


I turned to Alin because I wanted to find that balance in running that would allow me to push my own limits without overtraining or injury, and Alin is that coach who knows very well how to balance a training plan with life's challenges every day to reach the desired results. 


I thus discovered not only how to run efficiently, but also what patience, perseverance, support, motivation and mental preparation mean in running in the many mountain tours and beyond."

The best results:

27th place Hercules Half Marathon (21 km / 1110 m+)

53rd place msg Marathon Apuseni (21 km / 1000 m+)


Florin Florea

"I turned to Alin when I felt that I was reaching my limit and that I was getting bored of running. 


Since then, every training has become an exciting experience. There are laps for which I have to bang my head in advance, easy laps and laps where I pull myself. Regardless of what they are like, they all have as a common denominator the feeling that they are made especially for me. And the effort pays off when, from month to month, I feel how things connect and the results confirm that I am on the right path.


For me, Alin is the expert I trust, with whom I talk openly and whom I ask about everything: from equipment, nutrition, hydration and all kinds of nonsense."

The best results:

Personal best 5k: 0:23:15


Marilena Meszaros

"Running came into my life in a very natural way. I felt that now was my time.
    So I went out for a run. At first a few kilometers. Then 10, 21, 42 km. On asphalt. Later, I discovered mountain running.
   After these few years of running, I realized that I needed a coach to tell me how and how much to train.
  So I chose Alin Cîrdei. The workouts he designed for me are what I needed. Well thought out, justified workouts.
  I really like the plan designed for me. I  feel good following this plan, because it is thought out according to what I can do and taking into account my goal. I feel that I am constantly training, that I have evolved a lot and I am happy.
  Soon I will fulfill my dream. A mountain marathon.
   Thank you Alin for your support, information and personalized recommendations."

The best results:

Finisher Feleacu Running Hills Combo (30 km / 1160 m+)

10th place Forest Race Marghita Half Marathon (21.6km / 460m+)


Silvana Deac

"Running is a way for me to constantly discover and overcome my limits. I find myself in  especially in mountain running, a sport that 3 years ago seemed difficult to me. I started training with Alin now 2 years and I have much improved results. In the winter I trained quite a lot on the flat and somehow started to like the athletics part quite a bit too although I didn't expect it because it seemed monotonous to me. The most important thing for me is to I don't get injured and grow naturally in this sport, which is why I opted for a personalized running plan. Alin is a coach who takes into account your background, current fitness level and supports you in your monthly training. In this mode helps me become more serious in training, increase when I feel like I can't anymore (clearly on the anaerobic side) and become a better runner with each passing day."

Best results: 

2nd place Roșia Montană Half Marathon (26km / 1100m+)

5th place Brașov Marathon (10km / 400m+)


Nicholas Purcar

"I like mountain running, I don't run competitively, I run to feel good, but I still train constantly to keep myself healthy, in shape and to be able to enjoy running as much as possible from now on. _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
I contacted Alin a few months before the 2X2 race in Făgăraş, a somewhat ambitious goal for me, and which I thought I could achieve if I followed a training plan and the advice of an experienced mountain running coach . 
Looking back, I'm very pleased with how things turned out: not only did I manage to complete the 2X2 plus a few other mountain marathons, but I learned more about running from Alin than I have in the entire 9 years I've been doing the sport: following a long-term training plan, I've seen that I can get even more out of my workouts even in the limited time I have. Alin reduced my training volume a little but I trained more diversified, much more intense in places and more specifically for mountain races. In a word, Alin helped me train SMART. I learned from Alin about the importance of hydration and nutrition, both in training and in competitions, and now I know how to avoid muscle cramps (which often plagued me at the end of long races). Taking this into account alone, I have reason to regret not contacting Alin years ago. After 7 months with Alin as a coach, I can say that I am more confident in my own strength, I feel that I am preparing more effectively and definitely 2022 was my best year in running. That's why I confidently recommend him to everyone who is thinking of seeking the help of a professional, I will certainly continue to rely on his knowledge and experience in 2023."


Best results: 

Finisher 2X2 Race (45 km / 4320 m+)

Finisher Bucovina Ultra Rocks (47 km / 3020 m+)


Viorica Malai


Ioana Nagy

"Running is a sport that I have been practicing for some time both on the flat and on the trail. Even though I had some active ultra races, I didn't 
felt that I did things in an efficient way - or 'with a head', as I would say now. :) With the idea of enlisting the help of a specialized trainer 
I played for a while at the end of last year and the fact that I met Alin at some group runs in Timișoara I can say that he helped me 
to be closer to making a decision. The reasons are many, from the need to have some more structured training, improving performance
and even the need to bring some extra motivation. 
The last year together with Alin brought me significant and clearly measurable individual progress. Alin was by my side whenever I needed a 
advice or additional information, actively observed the results of the workouts and shaped the training plan with my needs in mind and 
points that I need to improve to become a better and more efficient runner. 

Many thanks to Alin for a very good year and I look forward to the next one! :) "

Best results: 

5th place Cugirace (69.4km / 2730m+) 
4th place Piros 85 Ultra Trail (87.86km / 3205m+)


Matei Galațanu

"I started working with Alin out of a desire to train correctly and efficiently. Although I had a foundation in understanding running and some experience, working with Alin helped me in several ways.
    Through well-structured training and continuous support, I have reached personal achievements in a much shorter time than I would have expected, which motivates me in training day by day. I was able to increase the volume and intensity of my training and ran new personal bests, both on the road and on the trail.
   I also like the dedication and involvement Alin shows in every context. He manages to provide the necessary support to each athlete he works with, which I personally consider essential in choosing the right coach. 
   Last but not least, Alin provided me with the necessary resources to document myself in the field of sports: books, articles, blog posts and open discussions related to this topic vast.
    The best part is that we constantly review the progress and I get the support I need, especially when the workouts are not going perfectly or the goals are not being met in totality. I consider Alin a friend and highly recommend his services.

Best results: 

2nd place Bucovina Ultra Rocks 15k (16km / 630m+) Personal Best International Bucharest Semimarathon- 1:18:30

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