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Consultanță sportivă


If you don't want or ypu have not the possibility to invest in a long-term training plan, I can help you with all the information you need to train yourself  efficiently in a 60-minute call.

How does it work?

You prepare your list of goal(s) and objectives, all the questions you need to be answered and I will answer each one.​​​​

The conversation lasts 60 minutes and you will receive clear answers and informations, based on science and the latest training methodologies.


At the end you will receive a training guide  in pdf format in which you will find all the information structured, with the help of which you can train more easily on your own.

This service costs you only 250RON and the information received can be more than helpful.  


To schedule a call, please fill out the contact form  and you will be contacted within 24 hours to determine the date and time we will be discussing.

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