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Do you need physical support for an ultramarathon competition?  


Whether it's a 50km or 180km race, I can be with you on race day to make sure everything goes according to plan.

What is the competition support process?

At least 30 days in advance

45-minute meeting to discuss:

1. Objectives and approach plan of the race;

2. The history of the races and the nutritional strategy used so far;  

3. What has worked and what has not worked in the past;

4. What foods can you eat during the competition;

5. Simulation of the nutritional plan before the competition;

6. Adaptation and improvement of the nutritional plan.






At least 7 days in advance:


1. Establishing supply points where I can assist you;

2. Calculating the caloric requirement during the race;

3. Establishing the food used in the race and the time interval at which it will be consumed;

4. Calculation of water and electrolyte requirements during the race;

5. Calculate the time spent between supply points.

On race day:


1. Pre-competition meeting (30 minutes);

2. I am waiting for you at the established supply points;

3. I make sure that the nutrition plan is fully respected;

4. I inform you about the times and all the technical details of the route;

5. Motivate yourself and keep you focused on your goal;

6. I adapt in real time the pacing and nutrition strategy according to the conditions on the route;

7. I offer you practical solutions to any problems that occur during the race (cramps, blisters, muscle aches, dehydration, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc.).




50-80km competition: 1200 RON

80-120km competition: 1400 RON

Competition 120-140km: 1600 RON

Competition 140-180km: 1800 RON

* The price includes the nutrition plan fee, support fee, logistics and travel expenses.

** The  service  is  offered  only  for  competitions  that  take  place  in  Romania.    


Alin Cîrdei

Tel: 0758381838

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